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Low Caffeine - Daterra Reserve, Aramosa & Laurina

Low Caffeine - Daterra Reserve, Aramosa & Laurina


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Country of Origin: Brazil
Variety: Aramosa & Laurina
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1000-1200 mASL

This coffee is made up of two low-caffeine coffees varietals - Aramosa and Laurina. These have both been under study at the forward-thinking, innovative farm for 20 years.

Aramosa is a hybrid between Arabica and Racemosa, whereas Laurina is a hybrid of Arabica and Bourbon. In contrast to 'decaf' coffees, where the caffeine is removed, this coffee is 'low caf', where the natural caffeine levels are lower than a typical arabica coffee.

In the cup you can expect a sweet, easy-to-drink coffee with flavour notes of caramel, milk chocolate and pomegranate.

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