Edition 0123-04: Finca La Negrita, Jan '23

Edition 0123-04: Finca La Negrita, Jan '23

Finca La Negrita - 48hr Anaerobic Natural, Red Gesha

Country of Origin: Colombia
Variety: Red Gesha
Process: 48hr Anaerobic Natural 
Altitude: 1700 mASL

Located in Tolima, Colombia, this farm produces outstanding coffee under the watchful eye of Mauricio Shattah. Mauricio combines his love with post-harvest processing with the natural conditions to push the boundaries and produce high-scoring, unique coffees.

For this particular lot, once picked, whole gesha cherries are placed in to a stainless-steel tank, with added yeasts, before being left for 48-hours to ferment. This avoids lactobacillus bacteria growth, whilst creating complexity in the final cup.

The cherries are then pre-dried to avoid mould growth, before undergoing further dry in a UV-protected environment, using the natural infrared and high airflow to dry the coffee for 6-8 weeks.

In the cup you'll find flavour notes of dried strawberry, red apple, blueberry. It's high intensity and very complex. 


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