• Limited

    Usually in tiny, micro-lots, these coffees are in scarce supply and difficult to secure - they won't be around for long

  • Award-Winning

    Selected by 2-time UK Barista champion - the most unique, rare and hard to find lots from the worlds most prized producers

  • Quality

    An opportunity to taste the highest scoring, competition-style coffees including experimental processes and acclaimed varietals

Next Release: May
Edition 0524-20: CGLE Cerro Azul, Geisha Natural

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Released on the 1st of every month, have 100g of the worlds best coffees delivered directly to your front door.

Throughout the months, you'll experience a cross-section of producers, processes and varietals - keeping up to date with the current coffee trends and having the opportunity to try the exceptional cups of coffee along the way.

Expect big flavours, unique methods and competition-level, high-scoring coffees.

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