Edition 0624-21: Los Nogales, June '24

Edition 0624-21: Los Nogales, June '24

Country of Origin: Colombia
Variety: Sidra
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1570-1760mASL

This coffee was one of the options for the World Barista Championships and is the only batch produced in the world.

We saw Los Nogales first hand this year and had the opportunity to meet producer Oscar Hernandez and his family. We were able to see what makes this farm so special - the dedication to producing great cherries, then processing facilities, which included the lab where they cultivate yeasts and run experiments, before then cupping the results in the cupping room overlooking the hills containing their next harvest.

The coffee we've chosen for this months subscription coffee is a Sidra that has undergone an anaerobic natural process. Pre-fermentation the cherry is stored for 12 hours in plastic bags, before being fermented in water tanks for 48 hours in a dark room at 14 degrees. The drying process was then done in 3 stages. First, 4 days to 34% humidity, then placed in grain pro bags for 1 day. Then 7 days of drying to 23% humidity and a further 3 days in grain pro bags. Finally, the last stage of drying was 20 days in a dark room. 

In the cup this results in a complex experience. It has a deep flavour profile, with pleasant acidity. You'll get flavours of green apple, passionfruit, plum.

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