Edition 0124-16: Finca Momoto, January '24

Edition 0124-16: Finca Momoto, January '24

Country of Origin: Panama
Variety: Gesha
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1500mASL

Located in Santa Clara, Panama, Finca Momoto is farm producing Gesha and Maragogype In this region the terroir and microclimate contribute to producing some of the worlds most unique, interesting and exceptional coffees.

Finca Momoto is run by Aliss Hartmann, from the world-renowned Hartmann family. The family own and operate a number of farms in the region all with the same philosophy of working together with nature.

This coffee has undergone a traditional natural process.

You can expect a fruit-forward, well-rounded cup of coffee, with flavour notes of blackberry, bergamot and floral.


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