Edition 0223-05: Mi Finquita Gesha, Feb '23

Edition 0223-05: Mi Finquita Gesha, Feb '23

Mi Finquita - Natural, Gesha

Country of Origin: Panama
Variety: Gesha
Process: Natural 
Altitude: 1650mASL

Mi Finquita translates to 'My Small Farm' and is located in Los Pozos, Tierras Altas, in the Chiriquì region of Panama.

The project is run by coffee experts and producers Ratibor Hartmann and his wife Tessie. Their approach is to design coffees through controlled or traditional fermentations, with the intention to differentiate them in the modern marketplace. They apply these techniques to different varietals including caturra, catuai and typica. 

However, the gesha was selected for the subscription as in the cup its fruit-forward and complex. You'll find flavour notes of blood orange, floral and apple juice. It's a classic, high sweetness, citric and malic acidity and a balanced cup.

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