Edition 0224-17: La Palma & El Tucan, February '24

Edition 0224-17: La Palma & El Tucan, February '24

Country of Origin: Colombia
Variety: Gesha
Process: Bio-Innovation Natural
Altitude: 1700mASL

This coffee is from the world-renowned La Palma & El Tucan in Colombia, 90 minutes drive from the capital city, Bogota.

The farm defines itself through its commitment to innovation. This lot is from their Heroes collection, which represents 10% of their total production over a total of 13 hectares and is home to coffees scoring in excess of 88pts. 

It has undergone a bio-innovation process. The first stage is picking the ripest cherries, utilising the skills of their expert team of pickers. It then undergoes a controlled fermentation, where the coffee is inoculated for 96 hours with native substrates. Controlling the environment in which the coffee ferments can have a significant result on the final cup and understanding these variables helps develop profiles and increase consistency 

The next stage is a 45 day drying time, after which, when the coffee cherries reach a 11-12% moisture they are moved to the dry mill, where it undergoes processing, including density and colour sorting.


You can expect a fruit-forward, complex cup of coffee, with flavour notes of orange, blueberry and florality.


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