Edition 0323-06: Kamala Janson #01 Gesha, Mar '23

Edition 0323-06: Kamala Janson #01 Gesha, Mar '23

Kamala Janson #01 - Anaerobic Natural, Gesha

Country of Origin: Panama
Variety: Green Tip Gesha
Process: Anaerobic Natural 
Altitude: 1600-1700mASL

This coffee is a result of a processing project in Indonesia that was tested and proven back in 2020, before being taken to Janson, Panama and Daterra, Brazil in 2022. Out of these experiments, the CATUR Riserva Worldwide Collection was created.

CATUR's Kamala range is an experimental approach to post-harvest processing. This particular coffee, a green tip gesha, lot 885, was inoculated with a mix of Pichia kudriavzevii yeast and Klebsiella pneumoniae bacteria with the intension to create fruit-forward and, as CATUR put it, "out-of-this-world' flavours".

They chose Panama as it's one of the most revered coffee producing countries, with the gesha varietal being symbolic of the coffee scene. They wanted to ask the question what can be achieved alongside Janson, a farm we've featured in the subscription before.

The end result is a beautifully complex coffee, where in the cup you'll get flavours of lychee, orange blossom and red apple.

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