Edition 0324-18: Finca Soledad, March '24

Edition 0324-18: Finca Soledad, March '24

Country of Origin: Ecuador
Variety: Sidra
Process: Wave Natural
Altitude: 1550mASL

Pepe Jijon, the owner of Finca Soledad, has had an interesting life before buying the farm in 2010, which included climbing the highest summits across each continent, including Everest. He now spends his time working with his family, producing some of the worlds most outstanding coffees.

This particular lot is a Sidra varietal that has undergone the 'Wave Natural' process. This is where the cherry is picked, and left to ferment for 48 hours. Then, mossto is added and fermented for a further 24 hours. Finally, the slow drying phase lasts 45 days, where the coffee cherry is regularly moved from dark room to grain pro bags, a process he describes as intermittence. Throughout the process no water is involved and any yeasts are wild.

You can expect a high sweetness, similar to sherbet candy and flavour notes of cherry and raspberry


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