Edition 0524-20: CGLE Cerro Azul, May '24

Edition 0524-20: CGLE Cerro Azul, May '24

Country of Origin: Colombia
Variety: Gesha
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1700-2000mASL

This months subscription coffee comes from the world-famous Cafe Granja La Esperanza. On the farm there is a whole range of phenomenal coffees, ranging from Gesha, to Sudan Rume, CGLE17 to Mandela, plus many more.

This particular lot is grown at Cerro Azul, one of the CGLE farms, and was chosen for the subscription as it represents the exceptional level of Gesha CGLE produces, and is a contrast to last month which featured their Sudan Rume. By comparing are able to see the high quality that CGLE is able to achieve across all their varietals, as well as highlighting the unique characteristics of each one.

This Gesha is has undergone a traditional natural process, which shows in its intensity and complexity.

In the cup we get flavour notes of pineapple, mango and blueberry. It's complex, floral and sweet.

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