Edition 0823-11: Gesha Clouds, August '23

Edition 0823-11: Gesha Clouds, August '23

Gesha Clouds - Anaerobic Natural, Gesha

Country of Origin: Colombia
Variety: Gesha
Process: Anaerobic Natural
Altitude: 1800 mASL

Gesha Clouds is a coffee that has been developed by Milton Monroy, at his farm San Cayetano. Milton learnt about coffee alongside his father, growing more traditional varieties such as castillo and caturra, and then went on plant 25% of their farm with Gesha after cupping it for the first time and identifying its potential. Since then, they've aimed for the highest quality possible, featuring at Cup of Excellence and at coffee competitions worldwide.

This lot was sourced through Forest, an exporter also looking at interesting and unique coffees. It was processed using a natural anaerobic fermentation method. It was placed in 60kg tanks for 84 hours, being moved every 12 hours to create a homogenous fermentation. It is then drained for 6 hours, then placed in mechanical dryers for 6-8 hours for the first stage of drying. The second stage is done on a specific drying bed which has an optimal 18-31 degree celcius temperature for 24-32 days and then 5 days in a dark room. The final stage is a 45 day rest to stabilise the temperature before milling.

In the cup, this coffee has fantastic flavour complexity, combining flavour notes of pineapple and strawberry, with a floral finish. It's a medium-to-high weight, and syrupy texture.


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