Edition 1023-13: Al Ruwad XI, October '23

Edition 1023-13: Al Ruwad XI, October '23

Al Ruwad XI - Alchemy, Yemenia

Country of Origin: Yemen
Variety: Yemenia
Process: Alchemy
Altitude: 2350 mASL

From the Qima competition series, this months subscription coffee is Al Ruwad XI, a Yemenia variety that has undergone an 'Alchemy' process. This is the first time Special Guests has had Yemen coffee in the roastery and what a coffee it is.

This lot is from the Sana'a region, and grown at the high altitude (even by specialty standards) of 2,350 metres above sea level. Once picked, Qima oversees the whole post-harvest processing, from collecting the cherry at the farm gate to undergoing their unique 'Alchemy' process, which it describes as "a series of temperature, gas and fermentation protocols". It results in a distinctive flavour profile - deep, rich and intense.

In the cup, you'll experience a medium to heavy, fruit-forward and sweet coffee. It has flavour notes of blackberry, peach and jelly beans, with a floral element.


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