Edition 0923-12: Heilbron 005_005 Lost Origin, September '23

Edition 0923-12: Heilbron 005_005 Lost Origin, September '23

Heilbron 005_005 - Washed, Gesha

Country of Origin: Panama
Variety: Gesha
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1100 mASL

This is a very exciting lot to have in the subscription this month, as it is so unique. 

The first reason is that this lot was grown at 1100mASL, which is extremely low altitude compared to the 1700-2000mASL we usually see, especially the high scoring geshas from Panama.
The second is that it was sourced from Lost Origin, a new post-harversting processing company based in Panama City. The company, with a background in craft beer, has built a custom lab to process coffee which it purchases as cherry from some of the best farms in the country. This unique approach indicates for us, a new and exciting future for coffee processing and has already proven successful with one of their coffees placing in the Best of Panama.
This particular lot is from the Heilbron farm. It is most comparable to a 'washed' coffee, but also considerably different. Once the cherry is depulped, without water they are placed in a fermentation vessel for 5 days and finally dried for 30 more days. In this process, the coffee is innoculated with two yeasts - Kviek Voss and Lactobascillus Plantarum. This processing style creates a one-of-a-kind coffee and we're grateful to have this on in it's very first year.
In the cup, you'll get a medium to heavy, coating weight, combined with flavour notes of pineapple and strawberry, with a floral finish.


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