Edition 1222-03: Janson Lot 799 Gesha, Dec '22

Edition 1222-03: Janson Lot 799 Gesha, Dec '22

Janson Lot 799 - Natural, Gesha

Country of Origin: Panama
Variety: Gesha green tip
Process: Natural 
Altitude: 1350 mASL

Having met Kai Janson at the World Coffee Championships and tried his coffees for the first time this year, it is exciting to bring in this lot in as a part of the subscription.

The Janson farms started life as a cattle farm, before realising its potential for growing coffee in the mid-1980s. On the farms, the goal is to produce coffee with the natural environment in mind, without herbicides or pesticides. They run numerous projects to protect and promote the local fauna and flora from collecting seeds of native trees to raise in their nursery to placing bee hives next to flowering coffee to collect honey. This biodiversity helps to create ideal conditions to grow some of the worlds best coffees.

This coffee, Lot 709, is a great example of the coffees the Janson farms produce. Once picked at its ripest the cherry is then transported in tubs rather than sacks, so it is not impacted by the weight. Once at the plant its put through a mechanic siphon to remove any debris and select the highest weight cherries. It then undergoes 96 hour fermentation stage and spends 17 days drying, where every morning it is laid out to dry and taken in during the evening.

In the cup you'll find flavour notes of red apple, floral and orange. It's complex, medium to high sweetness and is balanced by a creamy texture.


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