Edition 1223-15: Finca Hartmann, December '23

Edition 1223-15: Finca Hartmann, December '23

Country of Origin: Panama
Variety: Gesha
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1300-2000mASL

Finca Hartmann is a world-renowned family run farm located in the Santa Clara region of Panama - an area with the altitude and microclimate for producing incredible coffees. 

The farm has been at the forefront of specialty coffee and has consistently produced exceptional coffees while being mindful of the environment around them, with the coffee grown under the native rainforest canopy.

This particular lot is a gesha varietal that has undergone a traditional natural process, which gives it it's intense fruit-forward and floral profile. The coffee cherry is picked, and without touching water, are placed on raised drying beds. Depending on weather conditions the drying stage can take 12-17 days to reach the desired moisture content before being placed in mechanical driers.

You can expect a well-rounded, syrupy and sweet cup, with flavour notes of red apple, caramel and blackberry. 


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